29th July, 2020

The iBATHWATER project in Barcelona plans to perform analytical campaigns in the laboratory in order to validate the results of continuous measurement equipment, parameterize the marine pollution dispersal model during torrential rains, as well as to expand existing knowledge on the impact of short-term pollution events due to overflow of combined sewer systems during rainy weather.
The analyses are carried out on bathing water on the beaches of the city, on wastewater and on overflow points of the sewer network. The parameters analysed in the laboratory include, among others, microbiological indicators, viruses, nutrients, organic matter, metals, etc.
A first sampling campaign was carried out in dry weather, during the month of July 2020, where it can be advanced that the usual concentrations were found for most of the analysed parameters and no presence of SARS-CoV-2 was detected at any of the sampled points.