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To demonstrate how integrated management of urban drainage helps to reduce the impact of discharged untreated urban rainwater on the natural environment and public health.

  • To develop a system for helping to take operational decisions not just for bathing areas but also for the urban-drainage infrastructure.
  • Ongoing and real-time monitoring of microbiological parameters through measuring devices (aquaBio technology).
  • To model the water quality of bathing and leisure areas based on the new parameters introduced in ongoing and real-time monitoring, including the indicators specified in the EU Bathing Water Directive.
  • To provide harmonised data, interoperability and open standards to encourage replicability in other cities and territories.

In the case of the participating cities, Barcelona and Berlin…

  • To position them as benchmark cities in the integrated and sustainable management of urban drainage and natural receiving systems for untreated rainwater in urban environments: the coastal environment and beaches, in the case of Barcelona, and lakes and river spaces, in the case of Berlin.
  • Communicating the effort and commitment of local authorities for ongoing innovation in managing untreated urban rainwater, to improve the public’s knowledge of and respect for the natural environment.
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