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Open platform

The iBATHWATER solution consists of an open, standard and interoperable platform that combines several management and technology tools for improving integrated urban-drainage management.

New technologies enable integrated and smart urban-drainage management, particularly over real-time control of water and environmental parameters, given that this allows the most appropriate measures to be applied at any time.

iBATHWATER combines complementary management and technology tools:

  • Sewerage-management strategies,
  • Treatment technologies (such as screen devices for retaining floaters and other solid waste),
  • Ongoing and real-time microbial-monitoring devices for E. coli, total coliforms and enterococci (aquaBio equipment),
  • Modelling the quality of water and pollutant dispersal,
  • Standardised interoperability procedures,
  • KDSS tools (Knowledge Decision Support System) geared towards knowledge,
  • Risk bathing-water management.
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