14th January, 2021


The installation of the iBATHWATER project in Port Olímpic, which measures the quality of the water on Somorrostro beach, is located next to the Club Patí Vela Barcelona (C.V.P.B.). The C.P.V.B. is a non-profit organization with the vocation of preserving and promoting the popular character del patí català, a catamaran-type sailing boat, typical of the Catalan coast. As a result of a collaboration with the CSIC-Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM), they have started the project – Patí Científic (paticientific.org) to monitor coastal waters by making small adaptations to these boats and taking advantage of their exits to obtain the data. On January 14th, we shared information from both projects to explore possible synergies.
On the other hand, the Club Pati Vela Barcelona organizes summer camps during the holiday periods. There is the possibility of holding a day of dissemination for children who attend the campus, in order to make them aware of the problems that affect bathing waters, while bringing them closer to science.